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Foiling Northern Ireland is offering adventure seekers, tech enthusiasts and water sports lovers a brand new experience unlike anything you've tried so far.  Foiling NI was actually born in Taranaki, New Zealand, where as part of a group of committed windsurfers and instructors, we were becoming steadily obsessed with the newly exploding hydrofoil surfing revolution. As soon as we had experienced our first successful flights we knew foiling was the future, and went about as deep as you can go. SUP foil, Wing foil, Surf foil, Pump foil, E-foil, Tow foil, you name it we were doing it, and as the interest grew we began teaching others. Despite how much we loved Taranaki, Northern Ireland was always at the back of our minds and calling us home. And so returning to the Causeway Coast we determined that it was time to share the pure joy of foiling with the wider community. Advances in E-foil technology and the rapid expansion of the sport of foiling as a whole has meant that, with the right instruction, foiling is now more accessible than ever before. So here we are, Foiling Northern Ireland. We boast a pedigree in water sports instruction, lifeguarding and water safety, we're some of the sports earliest and most dedicated practitioners, first to market and well ahead of the curve in all things foiling... Lets get you flying!

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